Sunday, September 15, 2013

Changing things up...


As we can see this has been updated in forever...

I'm still here, still sprucing, creating, painting....It's just I've decided obviously to spend less time on blogging more on creating and my kids.

I'm updating my FB page with my stuff more often.

I am always game for a custom piece or questions and will try to throw some posts up.  I think I may revamp some of the pages to show more previous work too.

Enjoy the fall everyone!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Metallic Sheen

I added this piece to the market floor last week.  Its a three drawer chest, that looks like 9.  I wish it actually was 9 drawers, but its not....

So I painted it like it was nine drawers.  

Its got lots of metallic shine..some copper, silver, gold, turquoise and patina.

It has a sheen that makes it sparkle!

Every knob is different to add to the eclectic look!

See it shine?

(Sorry the pics aren't that great...I got it all the way to the market and realized I hadn't taken any photos...The lighting is great there for display but added lots of glare to my photos!)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Flowers

I had this tin with willows I painted up at the market.  The tin is a bright spring green and distressed.  The willows are sprayed very lightly with some silver to just give a sparkly sheen.

Well, it was sprung spring!  Another fellow market Artist (Jen @ Starlily Creations), yarn bombed it with her crochet flowers.   She is going to use it for her shows!  

I love love love it!  So spring and so cute and fresh!  It makes me want to make another tin of sticks and grab some yarn for flowers for my daughters room!

Think spring!  (My daffodils are blooming too! )

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Need a Seat?

This is a custom bench I did for a customer awhile back.  

It's a rattan bench brought back to some fun chippy goodness, a new "old".

I wish I would have uploaded the pics before I let the bench head to its new home.  The pics don't do the bench chips justice.  

There was 3-5 under colors under the glazed cream.  Some greens, blues, yellows and grays.  These all tied into the colors in the rest of their home.

Have something you want custom done?  I have some openings in May on my calendar :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Waiting for the bulbs!

It's almost tulip time!  Well mine are thru the ground and about 4-6" tall.  My daffodils have buds!  

There is nothing better than a simple spring bulb in a vase.  I can't wait to add some my vases (and get the faux tulips out!)

Amazing what a little paint and love can do.  This spring transformation is from florist bud vases.  The slight distressing really brings out the patterns in the glass!

I just did these three the other day.  But I love love them!  So I am sure there will be more in my future!

I am up at the market all day today.  These are coming with me if you need a splash of color waiting for your tulips! Come say hi!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Home Again

I'm back.....After a beautiful 10 days in SW Florida sunshine, it is back to reality.  It is sure hard to leave 84 and sunshine for 40 and nonstop rain for the next few days.  At least the grass is starting to green, buds starting to show, and the tulips are growing.   But that pool deck sure still sounds great!
Since I am back home, unpacking, helping with homework.....I thought I'd share this little "home" collage I did for a custom order.  A client had it made for her sister for a house warming present.
I found four frames, glued into a collage.  Painted, glazed and distressed.

She sent me her sister's old apartment layout and picture of new house.  I added dates and words to reflect the "first apartment" and the "first house".  I printed the wordings on scrapbook pages, glued on keys that were matted.

I "aged" the layout and home photo with glaze and tea stain.  

I hope she likes it and hangs it on her wall of this and future homes for years to come!

Now for me...."back to life...back to reality..."

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Great Lakes Table

I added another "Michigan" table up at the market.  This one is a great hexagonal side table with glass on top.  It is a slate gray with some light gray and metallic highlights and distressing.

I added a touch of Michigan by adding the Great Lakes.

 I love the way it shows thru the glass.  It goes perfectly with the Great Lakes State sign I have under there.  But it would be great with a stack of books too!

 Its up at the market grouped with a few other Michigan items.  I will be up at the market all day on friday.  Come check it out then!

 (I will also have all the remaining Easter goodies marked down if you still need to decorate your table for you Easter dinner)

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