Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fiestaware Table

The old saying, "now you see it, now you don't"  was the whole backwards logic behind this transformation.

Our kitchen is full of oak.  Oak cabinets, oak floor, oak trim, and a large oak table and chairs.  Mix that with the beige walls, and color was needed in large quantities.

The dining table  was just lost in all the oak.

I have always wanted Fiestaware dishes to eat off of daily.  The bursts of solid random colors mixing together in any pallet you choose makes me smile.  Someday we will eat of these dishes, but until I can be fairly confident a plate won't end up broken on the floor, I will use my small collection as inspiration for bigger things.

Chocolate Group 
So 6 chairs, 6 colors later we have a transformation.  Gray, hunter green, paprika, barn red, steel blue, and ecru were all done in a satin finish.  The base of the table was painted in a semi-gloss black, and I distressed and darkened the eating surface.

An eating space no longer lost.  Now we just have to hear arguments over which kid sits at which color chair every meal.

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matthew hayden said...

he base of the table was painted in a semi-gloss black..

Kristin@ A Vintage Fairy said...

yes that's correct.

Brenda said...

Kristen - I've been thinking about painting my DR chairs also. They are a similar style, and I am hesitant because of all of the spindles!! Did you spray or brush?

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