Friday, March 30, 2012

A Little Sunshine

This little unfinished table was on clearance at Michael's.  It was a total little steal, I think because it was a little unlevel.  That's an easy fix!

I was feeling springy, it was an 80 deg March day, and so the table kind of ended up reflecting the day!  Since it was au natural, the only prep was sanding down one leg to get the table back to level.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy, as my daughter would say.

I base coated with some candy apple red, then top coated with a sunshine yellow.  Heavy distressing  to reveal some red, and some pitch black glazing later, she found her glow!

She'll be for sale at Radically Recycled in a few weeks unless someone claims her before that.

Here's the little thing before all plain Jane.

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Stacy Shaeffer said...

Ohhh I love this! How much are you selling it for? I have the perfect spot for it!

Kristin@ A Vintage Fairy said...

Thanks Stacy. She's $45.

Stacy Shaeffer said...

Sold! Let me know when and where I can pick it up from you! Do you have more stuff at your house? We need to set up a time to meet so I can let you know about a few things I'd love for my business!

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