Thursday, March 29, 2012

The rest of the mushrooms...

Seems quite a few of you enjoyed my little red toadstools, so I thought I'd share where the rest of them are hiding.

We have an indoor fairy garden, my kids call her the house fairy.  She resides in this little planter and we seasonally change the accessories.  Her toadstools sprung.  Creating your own indoor fairy garden is super easy.   Grab a few terrarium size plants from the nursery, some rocks (fish gravel works great) and if you're lucky there is a nursery that has fairies around you.  Otherwise Amazon has them here.  Plant away, and let the magic begin.

Additionally I added toadstools to a few plants around the house.   They added an instant touch of spring.  I think I need to make a few bigger ones, since these mushrooms only worked in the small pots, otherwise they were dwarfed.    

I would love to add one in my  Chinese Lantern.  I am so excited it's blooming!  My mom bought this guy for my porch last summer, and I almost didn't keep it in the fall, but it's thriving inside.  Yippee!   Maybe a fairy helped me out.

So if you give the mushrooms a shot, I'd love to see where they end up in your house!  And I hope a fairy finds them for a rest!

If you missed the first mushroom how to, you can find it here.  And I do have one more project to show you with them but they're still drying :)

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