Friday, April 27, 2012

Fairy Friday

I really wanted to get my fairy garden out this week. Sadly, there was another freeze warning last night, so I decided not get the houses out yet.  The garden is so lonely without the fairies and their houses there.  All the spring blooms are just waiting for their arrival.

With fairies on my mind, and a new Silhouette I have been playing with all week,  I gave a try at a sign with a very small delicate font.  I wanted to use vinyl.  Unfortunately, the blade shipped with my Silhouette was defective and it isn't cutting at shallow depths that  the vinyl needs.  Silhouette is sending me another one, but I couldn't wait to play. So I cut a stencil using card stock.  The delicate letters didn't stencil real crisp.  I added the white with a paint marker over the beige stenciled letters.

At least I got one fairy out for a photo shoot.  Not sure if I will leave the sign or try again with the new blade.  We'll see.

Hoping the weather starts to cooperate, so the fairies can come out and play!!  Have a great weekend!

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