Thursday, April 12, 2012

Florida Oranges Needed

Most people on vacation leave work at home...Well a dear friend of my mom's was really not happy with her little corner table in her tropical kitchen.  She had been searching for something new, but hadn't found what she was looking for. She is a follower here and wondered if  my services could possibly be available while in Florida.

On day 1 of our trip, I went to see her table.  Walking to her front door, I was greeted by this fairy.  I've been to her house many times, but don't think I had ever noticed her before.  How could I miss her?

As soon as I saw this little corner table, I was up for the work.  It was a table that has been with the couple for years.  The table has good tropical bones that fits into their home, but just needed a pick me up from its  dated finish. The table sits in a tropical kitchen of sages and muted oranges. 

I decided on painting her a soft  distressed paprika to bring the oranges into that corner.

I started on it on day 2 of vacation.  However I didn't get very far.  I brought my iPhone outside to take some before and during pics, and set my phone down on the spoiler of my mom's car.  After realizing, I needed more drop cloths to make a workshop space, I sent my mom off to get some cloths...Then the  "oh crap" moment...My phone was still on the spoiler.

So after a few moments of choice words, I tried the "find my phone" app didn't work, it said my phone was offline.  More choice words...Then I dispatched the search parties.  We retraced the car's path with no luck and went a second time.  We met a concerned lady on her bicycle who said she would also search.  As we retraced my mom's path, we saw this lady biking back to us waving my phone in the air.  THANK YOU NICE LADY!  Here is what she found....

Can you believe it still worked?  Sure did.  So the rest of the day was spent at the Apple Store getting my phone fixed.  But lessons learned.  

So with all the phone drama, its now Day 3, time to get back to business.  I was still very shaken about my phone, and had not yet purchased a new case for it (the old case was never found).  So my phone stayed inside and safe, so sorry no in progress pics of this one.

By afternoon Day 3 it was swimming and vacation time.  She was painted and distressed and needed to rest.  Day 4 was finishing touches and glaze.  After she cured and dried we brought her back to her corner in the kitchen and I was finally brave enough to take some pictures.
The character came right out with some sanding and glazing over the 4 oranges and 1 beige I layered.

Much better!  Now it looks like it belongs!

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Debbiedoo's said...

That looks awesome! Fits right in now. Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment. My newbie party link usually goes up Sunday evenings. See you then.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Kristin, you did a super job on the little table. Love how it turned out! Sorry to hear about your phone, but glad you at least found it! and how nice of you to help out a friend while on your vacation. thanks for linking up to VIF!

Janis@All Things Beautiful said...

Hey Kristin! I am passing the Liebster Blog award to YOU! I think you have great style and a knack for DIY! I want to encourage you to keep creating and sharing!! Check out my post to find out more....Congratulations!!

bonniegetchell said...

Very cute color! I love the transformation! Found you via Under the Table and Dreaming link party :)

-Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

The House at Bluebird Lane said...

Kristin, You did a great job on this transformation! Love the color. :-) Found you through Debbiedoo's Newbie party. Looking forward to following your cute blog and seeing more of your creative projects.

Debbiedoo's said...

Happy you shared this with the newbie party. Enjoy.

Kristin@ A Vintage Fairy said...

thanks Bonnie!

Kristin@ A Vintage Fairy said...

Thanks Sharla. off to check you out :)

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