Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Twin Fences

I was walking the kids to the bus a few Fridays ago, and there was a garage sale at the house across the street from our bus stop.  I was hoping to find a few pieces of furniture, I knew it was a family moving out.   
I scored two end tables, some legos, a few board games, and then I saw these two pieces of "fence".  They were actually two custom made twin beds.  Their grandpa had built two twin fence beds for the girls of that house.  Well their moving, and the girls are in junior high.  The headboards were taller fence sections and the foot boards were lower fence sections with a bench spot for their stuffed animals.   
I immediately wanted one in my garden, as a fence and a bench.  I bought one bed and carried it home.  I carried it straight to the garden.   I propped one fence board up and loved it, and knew I needed the second bed.  I rushed back to the sale and grabbed the other bed.

These fence beds were painted white.  I am sure they weren't sealed for outdoor use.  The grandpa who made them was at the sale, he told me they were painted and urethaned.  I didn't do anything to them other than carry them to the garden.  I decided to let them be as it, and if the need touch up from a summer in the garden I will do that later.

The fence sat for a week waiting for my dad to come for a visit.  His first chore on his to do list from me was to create a way for the fences to stand in my garden between three trees.  He made a trip to Home Depot, got some conduit pipe and a spade bit.  He spray painted the conduit, and cut into large stakes.  He drilled into the posts of the fences and added conduit, and glued it in with gorilla glue.  Once, the glue was set, we carried the fences out to the garden.  It was a three person job to get them straight and down into the ground.

Next was to find spots for the benches.  I thought I was probably only going to keep one of the benches, and paint and sell the second.  I found one spot towards the back of the  garden to create a fence barrier on that side.  I just set that bench in line with the other fence.  

That bench was completed with my mother's day present from my mom.  We found the fairy statue at the nursery while we were searching for a new shrub for a different spot in my yard.  I was so excited when she got her for us!

I found a spot for the fourth bench farther down on the edge of the garden.  It got nestled under the pines.  I moved the bird bath that was on the "old" edge of the garden  closer to the bench.  We planted the annuals all the way over to the bench to extend the garden area further under the trees.  I then added two planters to complete the bench area.  

This bench is right on the edge of the garden.  Its become the popsicle eating spot of our yard!

Instant repurposing!  I love the cottage feel it adds to my garden.  It defines the space, and hides the glimpse of the neighbors thru the trees.  I haven't decided if these 4 pieces will stay year round or just gardening season.  They would be pretty fun to decorate for the holidays!

Put any furniture in your garden?  Did you treat it for outdoors first or wing it in excitement like me?

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Becca @ The Sassy Penguin said...

Kristin, that is a great yard sale find! They fit in beautifully where you placed them...I wouldn't change a thing!

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